Yoshitaka Ito

Ambient/Film Score/


1st Album

This album serves as the soundtrack to an imaginary sci-fi movie, an auditory journey through a mysterious and distant planet. Uncharted in the cosmos, this world harbors a moon-like satellite, radiant in its unusual colors and vivid patterns visible to the naked eye. Despite the cloak of night, the planet’s desert remains oddly warm, under a star-filled sky glowing in a soft turquoise hue – a spectacle of surreal beauty.

In this enigmatic setting, we follow a solitary boy wandering the sandy expanse. With no memories to guide him, he drifts aimlessly, drawn to a distant castle encased in towering walls. As he strides towards this looming fortress, a deeper narrative unfolds. The boy, an android, has arrived on this planet with a critical mission: to conduct resource surveys and espionage activities in an effort to save Earth, a dying star in the solar system.

The album encapsulates this narrative in a tapestry of sounds, blending the warmth of the desert night with the cool mystery of the cosmos. It invites listeners into a world of intrigue and unknown, a soundtrack to an unexplored universe where every note hints at the larger story of survival and discovery.


“Vegetables.” series, following the 2018 release of “potate.,” offers a straightforward yet profound experience. Each track in this series is a blend of ambient and drone music, designed to be as nourishing and fundamental as vegetables are to a diet. Accompanying these audio pieces are videos from the “Tokyo β” series, showcasing serene explorations of Tokyo.

He intends for this music to facilitate introspection while simultaneously encouraging appreciation and engagement with the outside world. This concept suggests that inner reflection and external exploration are not contradictory but coexist harmoniously. Through “Vegetables.,” He aims to provide a simple yet enriching experience that enhances daily life, inviting listeners to find balance and harmony between their inner selves and the vibrant world around them.

Modern Song Literacy

Yoshitaka Ito has been captivated by the design and sound of the Korg MS-20 mini synthesizer. This iconic instrument, known for its distinctive sound, plays a central role in this new project.

In “Modern song literacy,” Yoshitaka explores and reinterprets a selection of modern Japanese songs. These tracks, deeply woven into the fabric of everyday life in Japan, are familiar to many, resonating across generations. By covering these well-known songs using the MS-20 mini, Yoshi brings a fresh perspective to these classics, blending the nostalgic and the contemporary.

The choice of the MS-20 mini for this album highlights Yoshitaka’s appreciation for both the instrument’s unique sonic qualities and its historical significance in electronic music. His reinterpretations aim to honor the essence of the original compositions while infusing them with the distinctive character of the synthesizer. This album stands as a tribute to Japanese musical heritage, reimagined through the lens of modern synthesis.



All the Way


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