Mudra Ito

Mudra Ito is an artist heavily inspired by cinematic works, often drawing on films for his musical creations. In 2018, he released “Out of roulette,” an album conceived as the soundtrack for an imaginary movie.


Mudra Ito creates subjective music. He integrates a multitude of musical styles, including hiphop, jazz, soul, reggae, blues, and more, to craft his unique sound.


Decoded Anarchy / Thermal Dreams

4th flower

Lit Room / Pierrot the 3rd

3rd flower

Manga / Hato

2nd flower

Exp / Yoga Club

1st flower

Toy feat. Socha, Blue Rivers

with two conscious rappers

Sleepless Eyes feat. Blue Rivers

Lofi rap song

? Mindset.2

This is a beat album that I created during the period when the world was in turmoil due to COVID-19.

B.M Heroes Mindset.1

My first mindset.1 as a beat album.

Out of Roulette

In the sprawling metropolis of Roulette City, a realm where the criminal underworld flourishes around the decadence of “Dubluture Coffee,” our tale unfolds. Meet Jerry, our protagonist, a faithful servant to Kitaro, the powerful boss, and Malik, his lifelong friend and accomplice. As the winds of change blow through society, and the law itself mutates, their routine life begins to distort ominously. Enter Jin Hawks, a man of mystery whose arrival triggers the beginning of the organization’s downfall. Amid the chaos, Jerry’s secret desire, a simple date with Lisa, Kitaro’s only daughter, seems increasingly unreachable. This is their world… a world on the precipice of transformation.

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