New Release: Cat by the Seaside Under Moonlight – Ambient Music for Sleep

We’re thrilled to share with you our new music project – a 1-hour ambient music video titled “Cat by the Seaside Under Moonlight”.

This project is for all who are battling sleepless nights. During nights of insomnia, the darkness and silence can add pressure and make falling asleep even more difficult. Our artist Yoshitaka Ito shares this experience and says, “I truly hope this video, and its calming music, can provide some relief to them, and to anyone out there facing insomnia or battling the daily stresses of life.”

The video features a cat dozing off on a cliff by the seaside under the moonlight, depicted in a retro animation style. Its tranquil movements, coupled with the soothing music of this video, offer a sense of comfort and tranquillity.

Our aim is to provide viewers with a place of relaxation that leads to better sleep. The music played along with the video reflects the unhurried rhythm of the sleepy cat and the quiet flow of the night.

Sometimes, it’s important to step back from the fast pace of life and take a rest. Let this quiet seaside landscape and sleeping cat guide you into a calm night.

Watch now on Youtube and embark on your journey to peaceful slumber.


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